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We develops digital platforms that allow the portability of clinical information, access to health services and interoperability between participants in the health sector. We simplify procedures and contribute to the environment by eliminating the use of paper.

We offer a comprehensive SaaS (Software as a service) scheme for the insurance sector and health financiers. We also have solutions for open networks and general users, which integrate low-cost transactional schemes.

WeeCompany® offers various solutions segmented by user:
  • API WeeClinic®

    A platform designed for pharmacies, laboratories and hospitals in LATAM, allowing users to live a digital health experience.

  • WeeClinic® for doctors

    A platform designed for the private practice of doctors in collaboration with insurance companies.

  • Wee Smart Health®

    A mobile app for patients that provides clinical records, telecare, electronic prescriptions and policy information, among other services.

  • WeeClaims®

    A platform designed for 100% digital claims management, eliminating paper-based processes and communicating with all the participants in the healthcare ecosystem.

  • Wee For Doctors®

    A platform designed for the private practice of doctors without collaboration with insurance companies.

  • WeeBroker®

    A platform that merges the capabilities of an insurance core with the user experience, to issue and place memberships, policies and products.

We develop tools and platforms that facilitate access to health services, enhancing the experience, quality, and precision of care.

There are three main advantages to collaborating on WeeCompany® platforms:

  • Increased efficiency: WeeCompany® platforms can help to improve the efficiency of the healthcare ecosystem by digitizing operations and reducing paperwork.
  • Enhanced user experience: WeeCompany® platforms can help to improve the user experience by providing a more convenient and accessible way to access health services.
  • New business opportunities: WeeCompany® platforms can help to create new business opportunities in the health sector by providing a way to connect different participants in the ecosystem.

No, WeeCompany® does not sell insurance, health services, or medicines. We are a technology company that develops digital platforms to help improve the efficiency and user experience of the healthcare sector.

  • The security and backup provided by Microsoft Azure ensure that your information is 100% protected through high-quality standards.

  • Total control

    By using tokens, the users decide who accesses their clinical information and validates the coverage.